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In addition to writing the Edge of Emulation articles, I also publish books about video games. Although hardware and software preservation is very important, it's equally crucial that we step back and examine the history behind games and consoles. Through research and analysis, authors can provide meaningful context and understanding for all of those blinking pixels of the past. Saving content is just one part of my job; making sense of everything is another. Today, we're finally seeing the growth of a new genre of books that explore the origins of gaming, look at the how the industry evolved, and try to fit all of these pieces together.

Peripheral Vision: Inside the Game Boy's Accessories & Add-ons

Peripheral Vision

In its time, Nintendo's Game Boy was one of the most successful handheld platforms on the market. Not only did it have a massive library of video games, it came packed with unique hardware that fundamentally changed how people interacted with the system.

Over the course of 18 long years, a host of strange and exotic peripherals were released. From cameras and printers, to sonar and sewing machines, to videophones and blood glucose meters, the Game Boy was home to some of the most curious accessories and add-ons the world had ever seen.

Peripheral Vision tells the tale of every officially licensed product that Nintendo allowed developers to use on the Game Boy. Experience over 40 chapters dedicated to each device, from its roots and history, its impact on the past and present, the causes of its success or failure, and the technical details of how it really worked.

Containing exclusive information and expertise only available within Peripheral Vision, this book gives readers a vast, inside look at the wide range of hardware that affected not only the Game Boy, but the larger gaming industry.

Page Length: 400

Language: English

Publication Date: March 13, 2023

Publisher: Independent

ISBN-13: 979-8374167351

Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1 inches

Available on (physical) for $18.99 USD and Google Play Books (digital) for $9.99 USD. This book is printed using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), so users should visit the amazon store for their region:

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Nintendo's Lost Handheld: The Pokémon Mini


For over 40 years, Nintendo has created some of the most iconic video game consoles on the market. One of them, however, seemingly vanished as soon as it was released, raising questions about why it existed at all. Every console, even the most obscure, has a story to tell. The answers behind the world's smallest cartridge-based handheld await in this exciting new guidebook!

• Learn the origins of the Pokémon Mini, its predecessors, its place in gaming history, and the reason Nintendo decided to make it.

• Take an in-depth tour of the system's hardware, from its CPU, graphics, sounds, cartridges, and all of its unique features like rumble, motion controls, and infrared.

• Discover the Pokémon Mini's complete library of officially licensed games as well as a selection of its best homebrew.

• Enjoy a bonus section hosting TV and magazine ads, artwork, collection checklist, and more!